The OKCupid Project

The quotes are real. The guys are real.
Another way to waste my time on OKCupid.

"I’m a single parent raising the most wonderful 37 year old inner child," 37
"Namastaying away from daily routine," 38
"You should message me if: Not into skydiving," 37
"Being outdoors renews me," 32
"I’m just a man looking for a women," 32
"You should message me if you are over 5"4 and have booooooobies," 36
"My looks get noticed," 31
"The recent addition of the ‘non-monogamous’ option to the site’s relationship details has been most timely…I keep active on here because who knows when something equally-but-differently amazing might come along?" 37
"You should message me if your not a snotty-know it all," 34
"As a true Gemini, I’ve got a couple sides to me," 31